With all the recent initiatives and regulations that are being set around FinTech, aiming to accelerate its development in Saudi Arabia and the region as a whole, awareness, and education has come into demand, and for that, our team has assembled some resources from around the ecosystem and sector, and here we are sharing it with you.

Share with us your favorite FinTech resources in the comments below or via email info@halavc.com, so we can extend them to more audiences.

1. FinTech Saudi initiative: Resources Bank

Among many other activities, FinTech Saudi initiative actively takes on the responsibility to educate the ecosystem about every FinTech related matter. A bank of resources is being built overtime on the initiative’s website, and regularly created content is being shared via social media channels.

2. SAMA website

For official reports, statistics, and news related to the Saudi market.

3Fintech Founders: Inspiring Tales from the Entrepreneurs that are Changing Finance Paperback
A book by Agustín Rubini

Published in December 2019, this book is filled with inspiring lessons and advice recorded from some of the most successful FinTech entrepreneurs around the world highlighting the challenges, opportunities, and wins they have encountered.

4. Bank 4.0: Banking Everywhere, Never at a Bank
A book by Brett King     

“Futurist” This is how Brett King is called. In this book, he pictures and predicts the world when the cash and cards are gone, how banks and financial institutions would deal with payments, financials, and investment, how would they look like, and more other predictions related to technology innovation, regulation, and more.

5. The PayTech Book
By Susanne Chishti                    

The book discusses the movement of money in the world of commerce between individuals, organizations, and governments, and the positive change that was introduced in the economical world toward developing payment tech and fintech and got accelerated by the regulations put, the new technologies, and consumer demand.

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