Hala Ventures is a Saudi VC that empowers tech-startups in early-growth stages.

We, at Hala Ventures, catalyze future growth by investing in technology-based start-ups that achieved sustainable revenue and empower them with investment and consultancy to reach their highest potential.

As one of the region’s trusted and well-reputed VC firms, Hala Ventures, envisions being MENA’s most active Venture Capital while contributing to enhancing the economic infrastructure.

It started operating since 2014 under the umbrella of its affiliated company, Financial Horizon Group, as a Corporate Fund that invested in various Asset-Classes including Venture Capital. It’s been established as it’s known today since 2018.

Our Fund

We invest in capital efficient businesses that leverage technology to scale fast globally.

Regional Focus

GCC Region, Egypt, & Jordan

Target Startups

Technology-based Startups
Large Addressable Markets

Investment Stage

Early & Growth stages


For Brilliant Founders & Bold Investors


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Our Investments

Strategic Partners

Investment Criteria


MOM Growth

Experienced Team

Competitive Advantage

Total Addressable Market Size

Dedicated Founders (Full-Timers)

Operates Across GCC, Egypt & Jordan

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