HALA Ventures is a Saudi VC that empowers tech-startups in early stages.

At HALA Ventures, we understand that timely and comprehensive support is crucial for the success of startups. As a result, we prioritize being highly responsive to our portfolio companies’ needs, ensuring that we are always the first point of contact for any support or guidance they require. Our expert consultancy services and investment support are tailored to the unique needs of each startup we invest in, ensuring that we add value and help them reach their full potential.

HALA Ventures has a rich history that spans back to 2014 when it first started operating as a Corporate Fund under the umbrella of its affiliated company, Financial Horizon Group. In 2018, HALA Ventures was established as the well-reputed venture capital firm it is known as today.

We invest in capital efficient businesses that leverage technology to scale fast globally.

Regional Focus

GCC Region, Egypt, & Jordan

Target Startups

Technology-based Startups
Large Addressable Markets

Investment Stage

Early & Growth stages

Our Investments



VUZ is a social app that allows users to stream and experience immersive realism in extended reality (XR) and metaverse digital experiences.


Torod offers online merchants post-order management services and enables them to choose the shipping method for their orders.


Telfaz11 is a creative media studio  with offices in Saudi Arabia and the UAE specializing in locally-relevant entertainment content from the Middle East.

Super Commerce

Super Commerce (previously El-dokan) primarily targets large retailers and chain stores seeking to expand their e-commerce market share


SubsBase is a cloud-based subscription, recurring revenue, and billing management platform, that empowers subscription and recurring-based businesses with the collection, operational, analytics, and billing tools to efficiently manage their clients.


Sarwa is a leading investing and a personal finance platform on a mission to help everyone put their money to work.



News & Reports

For Brilliant Founders & Bold Investors


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Strategic Partners

Investment Criteria

We specialize in investing in cutting-edge, tech-driven startups that have the power to quickly expand their global reach while remaining incredibly efficient with their capital. We’re not just investing in businesses – we’re investing in the future of disruption.

We back exceptional and dedicated talents (Full-timers)

Operates Across GCC, Egypt & Jordan

Creating unique, innovative producs

With post-revenue metrics

that stand out in massive, untapped markets

Outstanding MOM Growth

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